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Two sworn enemies try to kill each other with bad movies.

May 31, 2024


you get it it's the fucking emoji movie. god help us.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: show notes and bonus clips will go up on Patreon next week, as Lee is out of town all weekend. In exchange, you get this episode a day early. Yippeeee!

Featuring: soup wizard's poison stew, patrick stewart's third home,...

May 17, 2024

May 1, 2024

Once in a while, it does us good to check out a nutritious, homegrown independent movie. Something made with love, care, copious ambition, and a free copy of Blender. Something like Our Drawings - Princess Movie,  better known as that thing with the beatboxing puppy.

As fans of Dracula's Angel know, we will go to...

Apr 1, 2024

Did you think it was over? Did you think we were finished? Did you really, truly, honestly believe we have anything better to do with our time than bicker over certified rotten animated features? Foolish. Four years after Cats tried to put us in the ground, we are risen again like the good lord himself. For humanity's...

Feb 2, 2020

Our very first very special 2-hour On Release spectacular. What is there to say? We saw it. We went. There was vore. There were computer faces. There were naked human hands. Oh man. Oh boy. Oh kids.

Featuring: Cami almost gets arrested, two literal dissociative episodes, filthy fursuits, a jellicle cat is a racist...